All in one WP security – if maintenance lockout problem happens


I have used ‘All in one security’ for multiple WordPress sites as basic security plugin. I also used to turn on ‘maintenance’ feature whenever I updated something which is quite simple to use.

The problem ;

I cloned the site to move it to a new server while the maintenance feature was on. That means, nobody can access to pages of the site, that is normal. But the thing is when I revived the site on the new server, I was able to see only the maintenance page. Totally locked out. I couldn’t get to ‘wp-login.php’ or ‘wp-admin’ or ‘custom login url’.

My site : wordpress 5.8, All in one WP security 4.4.9

  1. First thing I tried was changing the folder name of the plugin. That’s the one of the solutions recommended on the plugin’s forum. But once I changed the folder name, the site got down. It didn’t work well.
  2. I assumed that the function is related to ‘wp_options’ table of the DB and I look into the table through my-sql.
  3. Searched ‘wps’ on ‘wp_options’ table.

4. I changed the ‘option_value’ at ‘aio_wp_security_configs’. Look for the line including ‘aiowps_enable_404_IP_lockout’. Then, it says ‘s:28:”aiowps_enable_404_IP_lockout”;s:0:””;’ Replace s:0 into s:1. Then save it.

5. You can get access to the website.



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